Tips To Refinish Solid Wood Dresser

One of the easiest and solid wood dresser ways to give a room a new look is new furniture. It is not always possible to buy new furniture, but it is always possible to make old furniture look new. You can refinish an agency in a day, or do several over a long weekend. Not only is vehicle repair coating wood kitchen cabinets uncomplicated, it is a great project for an older child to help with. There are no hard-and-fixed rules for colors to color or paint wood cabinets, so go ahead and get creative

Tall Solid Wood Dresser


Cover your workspace with drop cloths. Plastic tarpaulins, old sheets and tablecloths will work. Screw off drawer pulls and remove them. Put them in a safe place if you intend to reuse them. Dust suits with clean, lint-free shop tablecloths. Fill a bucket with warm water and add 3-4 healthy syringes of degreasing detergent. Dip a clean, lint-free cloth shop into the solution and turn it off until it is wet, but not dripping. Give the dresser and drawers a good scrubber and let them dry properly.

Apply a chemical stripper to the office and drawer fronts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most are painted with a brush. Let the stripping work, and don’t skimp on the label saying you should wait. Scrape off the old paint or paint with a plastic scraper. Work on the wood grain, not against it. Wipe off the abrasive dust with a clean, lint-free cloth shop. Sand the wood dresser again with 120 grit paper, which works with the grain. The softer wood, the easier the new surface treatment. Wipe away any abrasive dust with a clean, lint-free cloth shop.

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