To Build Standing Coat Rack

Standing coat rack – To build standing coat rack, step 1 is cut out pieces; Start with a 4×4 at least 6 feet high. Cut out four pieces of 2x4s, about 1 foot long to use as a support foot for upright 4×4. Then cut four pieces of the 1×2 clips to use as a band between 2x4s and upright 4×4. Cut 45 degree angles and attach them between the hoops and upright 4×4. Use an angle and appropriate angles, fashion a somewhat pointed top for the upright 4×4. Again, using the degree, one end of each of the 2x4s loses about 15 to 25 degrees to add definition to the legs of the standing clothing stand.

Beautiful Coat Racks

Attach square blocks to the bottom of each leg to ensure that the standing shelf is equally balanced. Step 2, build a beautiful coat racks stand; Cut the slots in the supporting 2×4 feet to form a cross. Glue and screw these pieces together and then glue and screw them to the bottom of the 4×4 upright standing shelf. Attach square pieces by gluing and screwing them to the bottom of the supporting 2×4 feet. Add 1×2 braces clips. Step 3, sand and finish; Using 100 grit sandpaper begins to probe all woodwork. Work up to 220 gravel and sand all woodwork to a smooth surface. Wipe the entire piece with a soft cloth moistened with mineral spirits and remove any sawdust.

Apply 25% mineral spirits to 75% lacquer jacket on the jacket stand. Allow to dry thoroughly and then sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. Apply a 50-50% solution of mineral spirits and varnish and dry well with 220 grit sandpaper when thoroughly dried. Apply a final layer of 100% varnish, allow to dry and rub with 0000 grade steel wool. Step 4, add hardware at coat stand; Depending on the desired effect, add hardware to hang clothes. Choose between single or double hood hooks, and attach to all four sides of standing hood. Fasten with screws provided with cutting hooks.

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