Unusual Option For The Garage Storage Ideas

Garage Storage Ideas – In many homes, the garage is used as a catch-all for tools, sports equipment, and household items. To reduce chaos in your garage, you can build home storage systems designed to contain all kinds of different items. When planning, consider storage units that will protect your vehicle and take advantage of wall and ceiling space.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Small tools are some of the biggest contributors to clutter in a garage. Make a table that can arrange tools for a variety of sizes with a pegboard and hooks. You can put the tools in the draw and draw lines to give you an idea of ​​where to place the hooks. And, leave an extra section open for unexpected uses. While you choose hooks, look for options that will support the weight of your tools. So, do not detach from the pegboard. The board should be placed on a wall that is easily accessible, but not too close to your vehicles to avoid damage in the event that tools come off.

To keep rakes and lawn tools from getting tangled in the corners of your garage, build shelves mounted on the wall to keep them organized and them off the ground. I use two inches by four inches together to make simple shelves in the garage walls; You can cover the frame with solid plywood or leave it open for easy access. If you are going to use the shelves to store heavy items, add additional supports along the bottom to provide support. You can also create shelves for sports equipment, toys or building materials.

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