Use Granite Garage Floors

Granite garage floors – The granite is a very hard stone, characterized by a coarse grain and a composition of quartz and mica. Its have particular resistance to wear, to abrasion and to the action of acids. So, makes it a material used for the flooring of indoor environments include garage flooring but also external. But at the same time, due to this peculiar hardness, it is very difficult to work and has an irregular surface.

Incredible Garage Floors

Most of the floors inside the garages are rustic concrete or roughly finished with solid color epoxy paint. It is true that they are totally boring, for also quite functional. However, do you want to show off and give your garage a personal touch? Or do you want to accentuate the beauty of your classic car or your old motorcycle? So, you can create a fantastic finish on the granite garage floor paint.

Thanks to polishing and cleaning treatments, granite garage floor coating is able to acquire that particular shine. So as to bring out the colors and its multiple shades, ranging from gray to pink. Thanks to its excellent resistance to humidity and its excellent grip even in hostile environments, granite is used for the flooring of areas subjected to continuous trampling and for outdoor surfaces.

12 Use Granite Garage Floors Photos