Uses Of The Cool Shower Curtains

If you have cool shower curtains that are worn or out of style or if you are looking to decorate your bathroom, do not just throw it away. Instead of letting them end up in a landfill, you can find many creative ways to reuse it at home or even outdoors. Fabric or plastic, shower curtains can be easily re-used.

Unique Shower Curtains Ideas

If you still like the look of the shower curtains on the fabric, consider using them as curtains for a window in another room. Once the shower curtains are hung, it is difficult to say that they were once used in the bathroom. Vinyl shower curtains can be used to cover drafty windows, to protect furniture while you are painting the interior of your home or under an adjustable sheet to protect your mattress.

Place a shower curtain over the windshield on a winter night and you will not have to scrape the ice and snow on the glass the next morning. Put a curtain under sleeping bags during camping trips or under a picnic blanket when the ground is wet or cold. If you have a cat, put a piece of vinyl shower curtain under the litter box or extend a shower curtain over your bed to protect it, if your pet sneaks into the bed while you are outside. You can even use a vinyl shower curtain like a poncho when you wash the dog. You just have to cut a hole for your head and two holes for your arms and do not get wet every time the dog shakes its fur.

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