Very Quick And Easy Install Freestanding Room Divider

The name of the stand-alone actually says it all: this is a freestanding partition that can be placed separately in the room. The freestanding room divider is very quick and easy to assemble by the patented wall system. You can connect several freestanding walls together and thus build your own flexible wall arrangement. This system consists of cardboard tubes, super strong honeycomb cardboard panels and connecting blocks and is completely modular.

Free Standing Room Divider

This means that the wall can be shortened or extended at any time by simply removing one . Or more panels or adding them to the set-up. The panels are made of no less than 30 mm thick. Extremely strong honeycomb cardboard, are ultra-lightweight and easy to assemble. You don’t even need any tools to assemble this system.

The freestanding divider system is not only beautiful and affordable. It is also easy to reuse, 100% recyclable and moreover made from recycle material. This makes all freestanding divider products a very environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. The stand-alone is extremely suitable for use as a partition between two rooms. But also as an exhibition wall or presentation wall in your office. The walls are also frequently use in schools and as part of exhibition stands.

12 Very Quick And Easy Install Freestanding Room Divider Photos