Very Simple And Versatile Small Wine Rack

Small wine rack – It’s easy to just go into a store and buy the first wine rack that you see, that common type that everyone has and that their goal is good but not really noticeable. You could also consider something on a larger scale if you have the space. Perhaps you could change a room in your own wine cellar. The possibilities are almost endless.

Pallet Small Wine Rack

If space is limited, consider a wine rack on the wall. This way is very simple and versatile and can hold up to 12 bottles of gold wine gold. It has grooves where the bottles are first slid into the neck, held horizontally and form a rather cool sculpture. This specific model is made of sapele, maple and wengé and is attached to the wall with two screws. You can buy it for $ 185.

But a small wine rack with room for just one wine box is just not enough if you are a serious collector. If that is the case, consider building a number of custom shelves on which to store and display your wine collection. Don’t make it too luxurious. Just make sure the conditions are correct. It would be nice to add some built-in lighting, so that you can easily view each bottle without disturbing it.

11 Very Simple And Versatile Small Wine Rack Photos