Very Useful Ideas For Small Corner Bathtub

Small corner bathtub – When the bathroom and toilet are inside a single room, their design must become smarter for it to be successful! Take into consideration even the smallest details so as not to unnecessarily amputate square centimeters too valuable to be wasted. The type of door, its specific layout and the direction of its opening are of paramount importance when the floor area is severely limited, if not totally insufficient. Consider a pocket door or at least one that opens outward if you are doing a complete renovation.

Bathroom Corner Bathtub

Here is a proposal that will be very useful if your small bathroom is rather long and narrow, but you still want to enjoy a shower bath. Order a “small-scale” bathtub and install it at the bottom of the room to save space. The marriage of white and black, respectively for tiles and taps or accessories is the other solution to consider. Finally, remove all superfluous details and get rid of unnecessary trinkets.

The indisputable truth is that uncluttered rooms always seem larger than they really are. Let’s face it, claw foot tubs are not exactly famous for their small footprint. The same goes for the pedestal sinks that are currently an absolute must for classic decors. However, we must not completely exclude them from the possibilities. Especially if we have already created a traditional backdrop and we cannot superimpose modern sanitary design.

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