Very Well Rustic White Bedroom Furniture

Rustic and contemporary are two styles that at first glance, seem antinomic, but in reality that go very well together. The rustic white bedroom furniture style as its name suggests relates to rural life, one thinks of the country houses which smell of the fire of wood, with the old patinated furniture, with squeaky parquet … while the contemporary style calls for the use of materials modern smooth like corian and with large openings, designer furniture …

Classic Rustic White Bedroom Furniture

However, the two styles marry well, provided to respect a few rules. As always, this is only my responsibility. You will not find an exhaustive list of the constituents of a rustic decor anywhere. And that’s good! It means that we are also free to do what we want. The playground of decoration is vast. And there are so many possible combinations and associations between the decorative elements to create a rustic style that I cannot name!

Nevertheless, there are some small features. Keys, which we find very often if it is almost always. So it’s these little habits of deco to create a rural atmosphere that I will talk to you. Because a style of decoration always draws its sources somewhere. It can be in nature, history or different cultures around the world. From there, there is an anchor, and so features.

12 Very Well Rustic White Bedroom Furniture Photos