Wall Coffee Mug Rack

Coffee mug rack is an elegant addition to your home. Whether you choose to place them in a dining room, they are also important to take care of your mug collection. Mug should be stored on their side to allow the wine to come into contact with the cork. Therefore, the wall mug rack should make it easy to put the bottles on their sides. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to install the wall winch.

Simple Wall Coffee Mug Rack


Align four pieces of one-by-10-inch discs to form a box. Each board should be 2 feet long so your box is a square. Coffee mug rack to Drill four evenly spaced pilot holes at the end of each board. Remove the box and apply a thin, even layer of wood glue to the ends of the boards that come into contact with each other. Put the cards together in the box and press the glued ends. Screw a wood screw into each pilot hole to secure the box. Lower the screws so that the screw skins are flush with the surface.

Mark a line in the middle of a one-of-10-inch board that is 32 inches long on the wide side. Find the exact center of this line and mark it. Assemble the boards in a cross pattern. Kill this cross in the box you did. The crosspieces should extend from opposite corners of the box and form four triangles inside it, filling in the payload box. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to make as many more rack boxes as you need to store all your bottles. Stack the coffee mug rack boxes next to and on each other against a wall. Alternatively, hang them on the wall. Add bottles inside each of the triangles formed by the crosspieces.

12 Wall Coffee Mug Rack Photos