Wall Mount Bike Rack Nice Display

Wall mount bike rack are becoming more and more popular. If you have a garage, shed, storage room or garden shed, you can store your bike there. But what if you don’t have that? It is difficult to leave your expensive bike outside in the rain. Taking along in the hall is an option, but you can also think about hanging your bike on the wall. Firstly, it is not in the way and secondly, a bicycle on the wall is much cooler!

Bike Storage Ideas On Wall

Hanging a bicycle on the wall is functional, but therefore also has a decorative effect. Especially if you have a nice bike or a fixed gear. Then it is even a shame to hang it in the hall. You would rather give it a more prominent place in the house. In the living room for example or the bedroom the bedroom. Whether it is also practical is another story. It looks super cool anyway.

With this trend, there are also more and more specially designed racks available that you can mount on your wall and where you can hang a bike. Some are just two bars or a rack, others are extended with a bookshelf, for example. Check our gallery to inspire you!

12 Wall Mount Bike Rack Nice Display Photos