Wall Mounted Reading Lamps For Bedroom Ideas

Wall mounted reading lamps for bedroom is also called sconces. Most houses have at least a couple of wall lamps, usually in bathrooms mounted over mirrors. You can add a wall lamp in most rooms. The lamp should be placed in a place that makes sense to you and to future homeowners. Often the master bed already has shops on either side of the bed. This will help when pulling the wall lamp wires.

Stunning Wall Mounted Reading Lights


Turn off electricity to the room where you want to install the electric box. When you cut a hole in the wall you run a risk of contact with live wires. Measure and mark out the box location. Move a rule detector along the wall near your brand to locate the closest wall rule. Mark the location of the pin. An electric box should be wall mounted reading lamps. Choose the right type of box for your project. There are different types of electric boxes for new and old work or renovation. Renovation boxes can be attached to the wall stud without having to make a larger opening in the wall.

Place the electrical cabinet over your wall mounted lamps location next to the pin. Draw around the box. Cut a hole in plaster with a plaster wall saw. Look in the hole to see if you see electrical wires or pipes in walls. New wires are usually threaded from a crawl or basement and upwards, or from a wind room and down. Route your new wire based on local electrical regulations, the configuration of your home and the location of your power switch box. Pull the new cable out the hole in the wall. Thread the wires into the holes in the new electric field.

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