Wall Shoe Rack: Ideal Solution For Small Room

Wall shoe rack – Your shoes are overflowing everywhere? How to store pretty and useful countless shoes, sizes and design as different as heels, boots or sneakers. A daily problem that requires imagination and some tips to overcome the lack of space or closets. Recycling solution, useful and decorative, wood crates were repaint in different colors and hang on the wall to become shoe shelves: an original shoe cabinet and so clever.

Diy Wall Shoe Rack

As in a shop, real shoeboxes, all identical in a beautiful beige, are home to shoes. An ideal solution for shoe lovers who like to take care of them and protect them from dust and light. The essential tip: the picture of the shoes on each box to find your way around. Like trophies, shoes are placed on simple wall shelves and place side by side. The trick in addition: the bright color of the back wall.

To hide his wall shoe rack, nothing like a simple curtain with a pretty bow. To save space, store your shoes in cardboard boxes of different sizes and colors without forgetting the label to find them. And we will superpose them in a vertical pile, starting from 14,90 euros the lot of 2 boxes

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