Wood Nightstand Decor Ideas

Wood nightstand – The placement of a night table in the corner helps to make use of a difficult place to use. Bedside tables in the corner are out of the way and less likely to be pushed. These bedside tables can be customized to fit any corner height or in bed. The best way to preserve materials when doing tonight is to make a couple of bedside tables at one time. In this way, you can use the two halves of a cutting board diagonally.

Vintage Wood Nightstand Decor

Cut a ½ by 16 by 16-inch board in the middle of a corner to which the result is two equal triangles. Establish a triangle one side for another project. Stand three of 1 ½ by 1 publications ½ by 24-inch up on their ends. And fix the triangle plate on top of them. Organize the messages so that one is in each corner of the triangle, each post about an inch from the corner.

Drill two holes through the triangle plate and into each station. Set a 2-inch wood screw in each hole and mount the triangle plate for messages by tightening the screw completely with a drill. Cut a 1-by-18-by-18-inch board in half, from corner to corner. So there are two equal joints of triangles. To a point aside. Set the other plate face down on the work surface. Set the nightstand mounted upside down on top of the larger triangle plate.

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