Wood Sofa Table Design Ideas

Wood sofa table is a tall, slim table placed behind the sofa in a living room or sitting on the sofa is far from the wall. These tables are an elegant addition to a room where space is abundant and flow is important. It is important that the pattern of curves on the sofa legs should match that of the table. It helps the flow of the room when the table and sofa appear as one. Measure the sofa to make sure that the table 30 inches high and 46 inches long fits behind it properly. If not, adjust the size of the pine boards accordingly.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

Sand the edges and top of the 46 by 18 pine board until it is smooth. Wipe the dust away with a damp cloth. Measure the curves of the sofa legs and set the lathe to those measurements. Mark on the legs of the table a space of 2 inches on the top of the plates of the legs. Set the lathe based on the curve measurements of the sofa legs. Begin to rotate your legs on the winch under this 2-inch space.

Sand until the legs perfectly smooth. Use wood screws to drill a blush L-bracket with the top of the legs on the two sides that form inside the board. Using these L-brackets, attach the legs to the bottom of the table at the corners so that the top of the leg is flush with the edges of the table.

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